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Lauren Olivia is a gifted intuitive channel and healer, receiving messages, information and downloads from the Gaia, Universal Energies and the Angelic realms. She has found her true calling in helping others to heal and shift their personal paradigm. Lauren is able to see and connect with energy, decoding energetic frequencies and realigning them, all while raising an individual’s frequency.

Lauren Olivia wasn't always aware of her clairvoyance and intuitive abilities. She was even unaware of her own parents’ spiritual journey until they gifted her with the book, The Law of Attraction, introducing her to the world of spirituality. This sparked her interest of chakras, crystals, Archangels and everything related to Spirit and thus beginning her own journey of healing, and finally coming to terms with her life-long shadows.

During a reading with a professional intuitive, Lauren learned of her true potential to help and heal others. She then developed and refined her own psychic mediumship skills with an internationally renowned clairvoyant healer during an intensive program in Australia. Lauren Olivia has since become a featured Clairvoyant Healer on her mentor’s website,

Lauren’s calm, cool intellect and knowledge that she has gained from years as a Registered Nurse only enhances her natural abilities as an energy channel and healer. She has studied numerous facets of energy healing including Reiki, Chakra balancing, Past Life Review & Release, and upgrading energetic gridlines. Lauren is also trained in automatic writing, healing energy imbalances and Rejuvenation & Rainbow Treatments.

Lauren is skilled in helping other’s discover their intuitive talents and abilities. She has a knack for providing guidance and coaching to those who are looking to enhance and develop their own intuitive gifts.  Her strong connection with Gaia, the Divine & Angelic Realms, in addition to both her and your Guides & Emissaries creates a unique and individualized approach to uncovering the best version of you.




"Oh where do I begin, because no words will ever do Lauren justice! My life has changed for the better, in more ways than one. I have been opened, balanced and feel so much more connected with myself, all thanks to Lauren. I'm learning and growing every day, since our sessions have begun. And I'll be the first to tell you, I went into my first meeting believing I wouldn't feel a thing...boy was I wrong. Lauren is such an inspiring and wonderful individual. Her energy is so bright and her intuition strong. She is excellent at what she does and I recommend her to everyone I know. I'm so very thankful for her presence in my life!" - Hannah T


"I went into my video-call session feeling agitated, fearful, and stressed. I had a million thoughts racing in my head and didn’t know where to start. Lauren’s vibe immediately calmed me down because I KNEW she really cared, that this exchange of energy meant something to her. I genuinely felt like I was talking to a good friend- the friend who is totally non-judgmental, a fantastic listener, and able to give practical guidance (because of her own life experiences and with the help of spirit).  The messages Lauren relayed were very straight forward. If I needed it, she followed up a message with more explanation- either an easy to understand analogy or an experience from her own life. I greatly appreciated the gentle suggestions of what could help me integrate the information Into my daily life to shift my energy and frequency. I was also provided resources (specific books and videos I could access online) she felt would benefit me to gain confidence in my spiritual journey. By the end of our time I was smiling ear-to-ear and actually laughing!  The messages you receive during your time with Lauren will stay with you for long after your session ends. The new perspective you gain will have you excited for what the universe has on it’s way to you already. The one-on-one left me feeling love for myself again. What a beautiful experience. Thank you, Lauren!!!” - Tiffany B


"I love Lauren’s outlook and accuracy! Through her spirit advised me to study . I did that and the world has opened to me. So much keeps adding to my life and it has definitely turned a corner . Thank you is love to do more and feel I’m ready for more ." - Carolyn P.


“Lauren Olivia gave me powerful insight into my specific spiritual talents and how to receive them and work them. She helped me see where blocks were and how to shift them, and gave me the history of my relationship to guides I was not connecting with smoothly, as well as easing the connection. I am so appreciative of your insight, Lauren!” – Ceridwen T.



“My reading with Lauren a few weeks ago was so insightful and extremely helpful! It made me look at things from a completely different point of view and it pushed me forward in a way that I am enternally grateful for! She is extremely talented and thorough. Her delivery of the information she passed on was one of such confidence that you really leave with a sense of direction on the subject you inquired about. Wonderful!” – Maria T.



“You’re a kick ass reader and healer and have helped me so many times!” – Lauren A.

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