My goal is to be of service to lightworkers, how do I do that? I can illuminate your path helping you gain clarity about where you are and light the way to where you want to go, creating a clearer direct path. 

I channel the information and energy that’s in your highest greatest good and deliver it to you through spoken words and energy transfer.  I’ll also connect with your higher self, life guides and the angelic realm to bring through answers to the questions you’ve been asking.   


My strong alignment to Gaia allows me to vibrationally shift your energy fields, connecting you with the energetic grid of the Earth. 

New offering

Tiffany Fede and I are energy workers, spiritual teachers, and intuitive guides.  We are creating a space to share and facilitate group shifting and co-creation with the Universe. We hold space for you to open your creative self expression and ability to access your own spiritual gifts in order to manifest a new reality on this earth.  Join us as we transform, transmute and create together!


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